LOVE THAT LASTS A LIFETIME has been re-printed!


LOVE THAT LASTS A LIFETIME - HOW TO BE IN LOVE FOR A LIFETIME IN YOUR MARRIAGE has been professionally re-printed and is available now from Amazon, Waterstones and Barnes & Noble.

Before you even get into a marriage, you should understand that the marriage must be built upon a proper relationship between the husband and wife. It sometimes takes work so don't give up on your marriage. Before you go through the actual marriage ceremony there are many things you should consider. Too many people enter a marriage relationship without due consideration to all that it entails in the long run.

If you have already ventured down the road of marriage and you need to pull your marriage out of difficulty it may take time. You must be patient and help your spouse every day instead of criticising them. You need wisdom and understanding and patience.

This book is to try to help you and your marriage to be a total success.

Find the good things in your marriage and spouse look for their best and not the worst.  You may think: But there is nothing good in the person that I have married.

Sometimes through a period of time, a person begins to see only the negative side and not the positive.  You will usually find what you are looking for if you look long and hard enough. If you look for faults you will always find them because no person in a marriage is altogether perfect.

The principles I have outlined in this book come from over 50 years of happy marriage to the same woman. We have proved that you can have LOVE THAT LASTS A LIFETIME IN YOUR MARRIAGE.


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